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What is Inside the Anointed Lent?

Anointed Morning Prayer

Monday through Friday, we have a morning prophetic intercessory prayer call to begin your day with a fresh anointing. If you miss it, it is recorded. 

Prophetic Activation & Ministry

Each week we dive into prophetic ministry on how to Hear God's Voice and speak it into a person for upbuilding, consolation, and launching into destiny. 

Physical & Inner Healing

Every week, we enter the Healing Room to receive healing both physical and inner healing, and to learn to pray for others for healing. 

Live Prophetic Praise

Each week we have live prophetic praise with Hannah Martin where she sings spontaneously what the Holy Spirit shares with her.

Breakthrough Teaching

We connect the dots in ways that deliver very practical results in your life around the meaning of our Faith and how to live it fully!

Family Time

This is an opportunity for us to gather for an informal conversation to just share and have fellowship in the community. 

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What is The Anointed Fast?

A Theology of the Body for Food, Nutrition and Fasting

Did you know that God has a plan for food and nutrition, and fasting is part of that original plan? We call it The Genesis Plan. 
The Anointed Fast is a revival of the Church's ancient wisdom of fasting. It is a form of fasting that is very powerful as it releases the body's healing powers, helps to make us more spiritually sensitive, and awake by following The Genesis Plan. 
It also help to increase the anointing on your life to accelerate you into your divine destiny and purpose. 
You will learn about The Anointed Fast, as well as have support if you choose to try out this ancient form of fasting.
(However, it is not necessary to do The Anointed Fast to participlate in The Anointed Lent journey, it is optional). 

The Genesis Plan

The Genesis plan is God's plan for life long health, vitality and intimacy with Him through food and nutrition. It is dedicated to those who are not satisfied with living mediocre lives, but who are willing to risk it all to live extraordinary lives and to love God with all your strength.

There are guides, a journal and receipes for the 40 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We will send out emails with the schedule for live talks and events. The email will have a Zoom link - the app that permits live video conferencing - that lets you join the calls. You do not need Facebook to join the daily and weekly live video calls of The Anointed Lent and The Anointed Fast.

However, the social media platform for The Anointed Lent community is a private Facebook group. This is where the calls will be streamed and calls recorded for later viewing. In addition, this is where the contributions of other Anoited Lent members takes place. It is where you can connect with each other and with the Guides.  

We are looking at alternatives to Facebook, however, for this Lent it is the most practical option we have to work with. 

Choose Your Own Contribution!

Usually, online training is offered for a set price. However, this Lent we wanted to take away any barriers so that as many people can experience The Anointed Life as possible.  We want you choose how much to pay, if at all. This is why…

When you are struggling financially, it is often a community of Faith like this, that can bring the breakthrough and we want YOU to have breakthrough! 

So, you can choose your own contribution. For example, you could choose $200, $100, $50, $20, $1 or even skip paying completely. It’s up to you. We want to see the Church come alive and help to ignite a Great Catholic Awakening in our time. So, pay what you can!

Choose Your Contribution

Click on this option to make a contribution to help sustain our efforts to bring The Anointed Lent and The Anointed Fast to you! Thank you for your generosity! 

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If you are in a great deal of debt, or facing a financial crisis, then choose this option to register. We do not want finances to be a barrier to you joining The Anointed Lent and The Anointed Fast.

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