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What is The Anointed Life Acceleration Community?

  • It is NOT just another membership site to get more “head knowledge” (but you will learn). 

  • It is NOT just another membership site where “community” means debating theology (that is not what it is about at all).

  • It is NOT just another parish based “program” or “study”; (in fact, this is not intended for your parish, it is intended for you if you are a hungry Catholic who wants to have more intimacy and power in God)!

    . . .  What is it then?

Acceleration is an Anointed Global Family of World Changers! 


The Anointed Life Acceleration Community is a place where hungry Catholics who feel called to this awakening, can find a community of like-minded believers on the same adventure of Faith.

It is a place to be nourished in your growth, to receive activation and equipping in supernatural living, to find experienced guides and mentors who know the journey, to experience Kingdom culture, and so much more….

The Anointed Life Acceleration Community serves hungry Catholics like you so you can have support for accelerated growth no matter what your local community is like!

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Three Reasons to Join The Anointed Life Acceleration Community

Breakout of FEAR & Become FEARLESS! 

We all experience fear because it is the Enemy’s chief weapon against the Body of Christ. Fear blocks the “rivers of living water” from flowing out of you into the world in miracles, signs and wonders. As a member of the Acceleration Community you will breakout of fear, live boldly, and become more fully alive! 

Get Healed Up & Powered Up!

We all have wounds that block the greater love God has for us. We need our hearts healed and minds renewed to grow. As a member of the Acceleration Community, you will get healed up and powered up with the help of our expert guides and ministry team who have taken this journey in their own lives and know the way!

Become a “Dangerous Catholic” (Like Mary)! 

Mary is a “Dangerous Catholic”  - the Enemy fears her! Why? She knows who she is in the Father’s eyes. She is fully surrendered. She knows her purpose and fearlessly fulfills the work God gives her. The result? She births Christ into the world, and the Enemy trembles! As a member of The Acceleration Community you will become a "DANGEROUS CATHOLIC" like Mary and live The Anointed Life! 

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Why An Online Community?

Every Hero on a journey forms a fellowship with those who are also on the quest. Frodo had Samwise, and Legolas; Luke had R2D2, Solo & Chewbacca; David had his mighty men of God and so on. These stories both fictional and real tell us one thing . . . 

We need one another on the Journey!

However, many of us don't have people locally who are also on THE FEARLESS JOURNEY! In fact, often our local faith community is apathetic or ill equipped to help us grow. For some of us, even our spouse might not be on the same journey! We end up feeling alone, unsupported, and stuck (just like the Enemy wants) . . . 

But now, this is no longer a problem for you!

With the Internet, online tools and video conferencing we can find and connect to our FEARLESS FELLOWSHIP, receive the support and encouragement you need so we can advance on the Journey together!   



Hannah Martin, Musician

Christopher Gomez, Founder of Catholic Sports Camps

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The FEARLESS JOURNEY is the map of moving from being captured by FEAR to living The ANOINTED LIFE - FREE, FEARLESS & FULLY ALIVE! 

It has a number of phases that corrospond to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father. No matter where you are on the FEARLESS JOURNEY MAP, the ACCELERATION Community will help you to grow in intimacy with God and receive more of His presence and power to extend the Kingdom of God and change the culture! 

  • BREAK OUT of FEAR - Espoused to JESUS - this is where we face our fears and enter the fullness of the New Covenant with Jesus Christ to get set free and to hear His voice! 
  • HEALED UP - Immersed in the HOLY SPIRIT - this is where we discover, access and use Heaven's tools to heal heart wounds and remove lies to renew our minds. So that the blocks to God's intimacy and power can be removed by the Holy Spirit.
  • POWERED UP - Adopted by the FATHER - this is where we get equipped to pray effectively for healing & miracles, step out in greater boldness, get activated in prophetic ministry and powerful intercessory prayer. 
  • DANGEROUS - The Anointed life of MARY -  this is where we become "ordinary" Catholics demonstrating signs and wonders in everyday life. It is where we enter our full identity as a child of the Father; discover our purpose and field of favor; learn to keep peace and joy amid trial; and take back territory from the Enemy to advance the Kingdom of God!  We become dangerous children of Mary - hosting the Presence of God and birthing Christ into the world!


How do you accelerate on the journey so that you grow rapidly with greater intimacy with God and able to demonstrate more power in the Holy Spirit to manifest His love? 

You need to consciously go on the Fearless Hero's Journey. 

This is the key to acceleration. It is the reciepe that anyone can follow to see massive growth in their spiritual life towards becoming a "dangerous Catholic." It is the archetypal process by which you face your fears, grow and develop as a human being and as a child of God. This is how you accelerate your growth!

The Anointed Life Acceleration Community is designed with the Fearless Hero's Journey in mind so that you have all you need to advance on the Fearless Journey Path!  


Begin Your Hero's Journey!

Who is behind The Anointed Life Acceleration Community?

Michael & Kelly Sullivan, The Anointed Life Acceleration Father & Mother

For the past 15 years, Kelly & Michael have been on an adventure of The Anointed Life. Michael served as the Dir. of Evangelization for The Sanctuary of The Divine Mercy where he realized that the key to evangelization was healing, signs & wonders. That insight sent them on an adventure of discovery and breakthrough in healing, prophesy, and deliverance.

In 2013, they began a school of supernatural ministery out of their home in Chicago, helping fellow Catholics to get activated in supernatural faith. 

This adventure led him to becoming the Executive Producer of the ground breaking film FEARLESS - to share what God had shown them with the whole Church. Since then, there is a emerging awakening happening among Catholics! He spoke at the first Encounter Conference and is the Founder of The Divine Mercy Project - a ministry of street evangelization in Chicago. Kelly & Michael are the founders of The Sanctuary Academy - a new model of Catholic education. 

They both live and work towards the dawning of the Great Catholic Awakening with their seven children!  

"Two things say it all about Michael & Kelly. First, I see Michael and his wife Kelly in the front pew at mass with their six, soon to be seven, kids every Sunday. Second, he as well as Kelly and the kids don't hesitate to pray WITH (not just for) you in the church vestibule.  They are living the spirit-filled life in a very real way. It isn't just talk. They are unafraid to put the power of  God to work in their lives and mine. I am happy to recommend them."


AKA "The Reverand Know-It-All" host of Relevant Radio's "Father Simon Says" 

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"I've known Michael Sullivan for over 10 years as a man filled with faith and fervor. He is a visionary leader, innovator, and teacher whose desire is to activate Catholics to become fully alive in Christ and live out the mission given them by the Father. I highly recommend him as a mentor and guide to becoming a FEARLESS evangelizer."

Dr. Mary Healy, S.T.D.
Professor of Sacred Scripture & Member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission

Introducing The Acceleration Team


Rev. Joshua Caswell, S.J.C. - Priest, Restorer of the Sacred & City Changer

Father Joshua Caswell is Superior General of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius and pastor at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago. He, along with his brother, were the last priests ordained by Francis Cardinal George in 2014. He graduated from Holy Apostles College and Seminary with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Masters in Divinity. As a member of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, a religious order that is in the heart of Chicago and impacting the City, he has seen miracles of hipster "nones" come to Faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and the restoration of the Sacred. He is a city changer taking bold action to bring grace into a hurting city. His heart is to see Catholics fully alive and the city transformed.

Esther Caswell - Ambassador of the Cross

The daughter of Missionary parents from the Saskatchewan Wilderness, Esther fell in love with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration at 18 and began relentlessly pursuing him. At 21 she entered the Dominican Sisters of Mary and lived passionately for Christ as a teacher and preacher. In the Year of Mercy she received a “call within her call” to stand with families at the cross and witness the Church as a mother. She is the founder of Vidi Aquam a ministry that was founded for the restoration of Home.  Her greatest joy is to be an instrument of God in bringing down the lies of fear, shame and the orphan spirit and walking individuals into the freedom of sons and daughters of the Father.

Mark Kollar - Fearless Knight, Activator of Boldness

When Mark Kollar saw the film FEARLESS, his life would never be the same again. It has led him on a God adventure going to conferences, seeking training and activation and stepping out in boldness. Everywhere he goes he prays for people: Home Depot, the beach, the park, on the street. He is a testimony of what God can do with a hungry heart who just wants to be all in! Mark is a Knight of Columbus and a canon of God's love. His heart is to wake up the Church and see everyone discover what God has shown him. He says, "If God uses me, He can use anyone, including YOU! We just need to be a bit more bold!"

Hannah Martin - Surrendered Daughter of Praise to the Father

Hannah is a prayer and praise leader in the Chicagoland area. She has been leading sacred song for about 6 years at prayer groups, conferences, adoration and retreats. She has a passion for spontaneous prayer and praise and allowing God to use song for prophecy and healing. Hannah has done recordings with Shalom World TV and SpiritJuice Studios. The Lord is calling her into song writing and recording. "When I let the Holy Spirit take over in worship, I feel the power and authority of God's presence. Everything else fades away and I am at His throne worshipping. All anxieties leave and all I know is that I must sing out the glory of God. I was made for this!" 

What can I expect to get when I join The Anointed Life Acceleration Community?

12 Months of Daily Inspiration, Support, & Encouragement in The Private Acceleration Community

Get access and connection to a community of people just like you who hunger to grow in the supernatural life and want to become more bold and live a life that is one big God adventure.  Be encouraged & supported in your journey so that you no longer feel alone or isolated in your path (or stifled by your local community of faith). Recieve training, activation, & equipping to discover the keys that unlock greater intimacy and divine power in your life so that God can use you more effectively to impact others for the Kingdom. Meet and connect with guides who have traveled the path and know the way so that you will continue to be challenged and develop (and not get stuck). Become unblocked and accelerate your growth along the Fearless Journey with a fellowship of believers who are fearless world changers! 

12 Months Access to Breakthrough Training 

There are a number of key foundational teachings that are necessary to advance on the Fearless Journey. With your membership, you receive access to The Anointed Life Acceleration Training and Challenge platform to ensure that you can cover these breakthrough trainings and grow. Those topics include: 

How to Hear God's Voice
How to Intercede Powerfully
How to Heal Heart Wounds
How to have a Renewed Mind
How to Pray Effectively for Healing
What to do when someone isn't healed

How to Evangelize naturally
How to live as a "Dangerous Catholic" every day 
How to prophesy with worlds of knowlege, wisdom, encouragement and destiny
What is the Kingdom of God and how to live in it
. . .  And so much more! 


Plus . . . All the Trainings are Archived on The Anointed Life Acceleration App!

12 Months of Live Daily Video Conferencing 

The most valuable element of the Accelertaion Community is our daily live events so that you can connect with others, have a regular Spirit-filled communal prayer life and recieve and give ministry. There is nothing that accelerates your journey more than experiencing the connection and support of an anointed community of Fearless believers who can speak into the issues you are facing that day. Our live ministry includes:

  • M-F Daily Intercessory Prayer Meetings

  • Weekly Prophetic Ministry & Training 

  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

  • Live “How To” Trainings

  • Weekly Boldness Coaching

  • Weekly Spirit Filled Music Ministry



What are some of the topics that I will find inside the Accleration Community? 

  • How to overcome the fear of rejection and seek only God’s opinion of you

  • How to overcome the fear of being labeled an extremist and learn how to be bold AND loving in delivering God’s message.

  • How to overcome the fear that I’m not good enough and know that God equips the called!

  • How to overcome the fear of uncertainty that this is God’s will and clearly hear the voice of God.

  • How to overcome the fear of messing it up, doing more harm than good, and learn to trust that God will work through you.

  • How to overcome the fear that God may not show up, and believe that He is always present

  • How to let go of control, surrender to the Father and step out in faith.

  • How to overcome the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and learn how to walk hand and hand with the Holy Spirit.

  • How to remain encouraged when healing doesn’t happen

  • How to stay awake and on fire when those around you seem apathetic and uninterested

  • How to become more fruitful

  • Hot to evangelize friends and family

  • How to evangelize strangers on the street and have God encounters wherever you go.

  • How to take advantage of the time God has given you now instead of fearing the time you have wasted.

  • . . . And so much more! 

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You are going to get...

✓ 12 Months of Access to the Acceleration Community to get the connection, encouragement, and support you need to grow on your Fearless Journey

✓ 12 Months of Breakthrough Training, Equipping and Activation in the key Fundamentals of Growing in Intimacy with God and Allowing His Love to Powerfully Flow Through You. 

✓ 12 Months of Daily Inspiration with Live Events including:

✓ Prophetic Training & Activation

✓ Healing Room for Physical and Inner Healing,

✓ Activation and Equipping in How to Live the Supernatural Life as a Lay Person

✓ Intercessory Prayer;

✓ Weekly Music Ministry  

✓ 12 Access to The Anointed Life App on your cell phone

($997 Value)


12 Months of Acceleration 

Has A Total Value of over $997.

You get the Community, the Guides, the Breakthrough Training, the Live daily video calls, the Live music Ministry, the Live Prophetic Activation and Training, the Healing Rooms, the Boldness coaching, the smart phone app... all of this and more for only... 


$33 a Month! 


Or choose the Annual plan and get 3 months FREE for only. . . 

$297 a Year

(that's only $24.75 a month)! 

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will get the breakthrough you need in The Anointed Life Acceleration Community that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee! If you do the challenges and take part in the process, and don't get breakthrough, then send us an email and we will refund your money.





✓ 12 Months of Access to the Acceleration Community

✓ 12 Months of Breakthrough Training 

✓ 12 Months M-F Daily Live Events 

✓ 12 Months Prophetic Activation

✓ 12 Months Healing Rooms for Physical and Inner Healing

✓ 12 Months Live Prophetic Praise

✓ The Anointed Life Acceleration Smart Phone App


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But that's NOT ALL! 

We are training, equipping and activating our members to pray effectively for miraculous healing of all manner of illness and disease. But we need people to pray for!  When you join our list, you will also get notified for our next ministry time for Healing and Prophetic Ministry! Bless you!